Tile Roofing Colors and Profiles

All roofing companies offer a large selection of tiles, in various colors and profiles; the profile is the shape, or contour, of the tile as well as the size. There are 5 tile roofing manufacturers that we most commonly use, as they offer the best products and related installation components. As a service to our customers, we have catalogued various tile roofing profiles and colors available in our South Florida region from 3 manufacturers; the links are on the right hand side of this page. Though prices do vary somewhat among tile manufacturers, style and color are usually the more significant factors throughout the tile roofing selection process.

Tile Roofing Manufacturers

The manufacturers listed here all produce very high-quality tile roofing products, suitable for use in Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach County. They also pass two important criteria: We have used their products in the past and we will use them in the future. The intense, free-market competition between all roofing manufacturers, some which are listed here and some which are not, have yielded the highest quality concrete roofing tiles ever produced. Despite competitive pricing, today’s tile roof products and corresponding installation techniques surpass the most stringent hurricane codes ever devised.

Product Images vs Products

For your convenience, we have provided sample tile images from various manufacturers for comparison. During this process we have done our best to retain the quality of the images available to us. Please note that neither the quality of these images, nor the quality of the manufacturers’ websites from which they came, have any bearing on the quality of the tile roofing products they produce. Each company listed produces extreme-grade roofing products; If they did not, we would not list them; If they did not, we would not install them.