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No matter the size, scale, or shape of your metal roofing project, we utilize the finest materials and installation techniques. With over 20 different options for you to choose from, you are sure to find a color to compliment your structures appearance. Metal Roofing can be a very cost effective solution, as it will last a lifetime when properly installed. It can also increase the value of your home or building. The benefits of a higher lifespan and desirable appearance have increased its popularity, and as metal roofing continues to grow more selection in metal roofing products have become available for residential projects. Metal Roofs are both durable and quite strong, providing reliable shelter during hurricane season here in Florida. Metal Roofing Systems have passed wind and uplift tests to 150 mph. Metal Roofing Systems also lead in fire protection for homes and buildings; they provide superior performance and minimal maintenance with an expected lifespan of 40 years.

Palm Beach County Licensed Commercial Roofing Contractor in Florida

Metal roof systems can be considered the best overall choice for performance and durability. Opting for a metal roof, however, has some drawbacks. The primary concern is that the level of competency required to properly install a system of this complexity is much greater than that of any other roofing system. Commercial buildings and homes that lie north of Jupiter Tequesta and Palm Beach Florida are sometimes considered outside of the hurricane zone. Statistics show that there is no clear ‘line in the sand’ (pun intended), but levels of probability. Roofs within Port St. Lucie and Fort Pierce, along with Vero Beach can also suffer the effects of intense storms and hurricanes, though not as often. Metal roofing systems can withstand winds exceeding 140 mph, but only when installed properly, in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. It is beneficial to fully understand and document your metal roofing system requirements before beginning your bidding process. If a homeowner or property manager asks a contractor “what type of metal roof should be installed”, their answer may come quickly, but the contractor may pick a metal roof system based on his familiarity with it. Their proposed metal roof system may not suit your requirements.

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Tropical Storms and Hurricanes

There exist specific metal roof assemblies that hold a Dade County Notice of Acceptance (NOA). This rating is overseen by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL), and is achieved by way of passing rigorous tests using wind speeds in excess of 140 mph. In addition to hurricane winds tests, they also have a UL rating for fire resistance. I have personally examined a 24 gauge Galvalume standing seam panels with mechanically hand seams, which has withstood every hurricane to date beginning with Hurricane Andrew in 1993. Built to specifications that far exceed those of the Florida building code, this metal roof system minimizes exposed fasteners allowing water to shed in an optimal manner. After years of service, included numerous storms and hurricanes, this system has yet to develop a leak.


Metal Roof Corrosion

Though wind is the top priority when choosing a metal roof system, the other concern is corrosion. Salt water spray will corrode a steel metal panel in a very short time, and manufacturers do not warranty their product against rust or corrosion. It’s necessary for a home owner or property manager to understand the various provisions within their warranty. The warranty from the manufacturer is completely separate from that of the installation contractor. Keep in mind that a manufacturer can reject a warranty claim if the roofing contractor that did the installation did not fully comply with the manufacturer’s specifications. Non-coastal cities such as Wellington and the western areas of Palm Beach County do not have the same salt water issues as Boca Raton Pompano Beach and Delray Beach, thereby giving the customer more options when choosing a metal roofing panel. It’s is advised that property owners have the roofing contractor express, in writing, that they will install the metal roof system according to the manufacturer’s specifications. It is also recommended to check a roofing contractor’s credentials such as their County license status within their licensed jurisdiction and also commercial certifications such as G.A.F., Tamko, Owens Corning, Certainteed and Polyglass.