Licensed Roofing Contractor for Fort Myers, Naples, and Tampa Hurricane Irma Roof Damage

Hammerhead South Florida Roofing is a Licensed Florida Roofing Contractor for Fort Myers, Naples, Tampa, and Sarasota. During repairs, we can bring your roof up to the latest South Florida hurricane roofing specifications. We work directly with insurance companies to insure that paperwork is correct. As a South Florida roofing contractor we cut through Hurricane Irma red tape for Naples, Tampa, and Fort Myers. All County and Florida state roofing contractor insurance applications and permitting is double-checked for accuracy, speeding up the application approval process for residential and commercial roofing.

As a Licensed Florida Roofing Contractor, We are Giving Priority To Hurricane Irma Roofing Repairs.

We are Florida State Licensed, Bonded, and Insured for All Commercial and Residential Roofing. Our dedicated emergency email is

Please provide the following information in your email:
Full address of house, condo, or commercial business.
Name and contact information, including phone number.
Type of Roof: Tile, Shingle, Metal, or Commercial Flat Roof.
If Available, links to roof damage photos you have uploaded or posted to photo sharing sites.

Hurricane Irma Florida State Licensed Roofers

Hammerhead Roofing has been actively involved in the aftermath of every Florida hurricane beginning with Hurricane Andrew in 1992. We are experts at dealing with insurance companies, homeowner's associations, condominium associations, apartment complexes, Florida building codes and inspections, and emergency patch work. In an effort to fill the void, many roofing companies and crews will soon be flocking to Florida, yet have no South Florida roofing experience. These companies and crews may collaborate with licensed Florida roofing contractors to get your business, but their inexperience with stringent Florida roofing specifications is likely to affect quality of workmanship, proper installation, and long term durability or your roofing system. In an effort to keep processes moving, County and Florida State government officials can pressure the already overwhelmed building inspectors and crucial inspection phases will be rushed. Some intermediate inspections may be skipped completely, as has been the case with past Florida Hurricanes.

If you have damage that is causing leaking into your home, go online now and order tarps from your favorite online retailer, as you are unlikely to find them in Florida stores. Shipping companies may be delayed, but at least your purchases will be coming.

Broken Windows from Hurricane Irma

To cover broken windows, get polycarbonate sheets (Lexan), which are very durable though more difficult to cut. Acrylic (Plexiglas) is another option; it is easy to cut, but is more brittle, so 1/4" thickness is recommended. These materials can be glued directly to the broken glass with epoxy and other adhesives.

Hurricane Irma Water Contamination or Loss of Well Pressure due to Electrical Outages

If you have no water pressure, or your water source has possibly been compromised, use bottled water for drinking. If you're running out of drinkable water, your hot water heater most likely still has water in it, typically at least 50 gallons, which can provide weeks of drinking water. The water can be drained from the bottom. Make sure the electricity is shut off at the circuit breaker panel. For gas water heaters, turn the thermostat to the 'OFF' position, and shut the gas line off. Only once that has been done, turn off the inlet and outlet water lines so that newer, potentially contaminated water cannot get in. Keep in mind that if you have previously run contaminated water through your home, it is probably also in the hot water heater. This water would need to be boiled to kill pathogens.