Palm Beach County and Broward County Roofing Codes

There are over 75 municipalities in our roofing service area from Ft. Lauderdale and Boca Raton to Tequesta and Jupiter. Each adds its own requirements to those of the Florida Building Code, and new ones can be imposed at any time. Occasionally, a municipality such as Tequesta or Jupiter will require adherence to its own special building codes or requirements as it relates to shingle and tile roofing repair, re-roof, and new home installation. While most of their roofing codes are simple requests to meet aesthetic conformity, some city and municipal roofing codes within Jupiter or Tequesta may be at odds with the latest, most stringent roofing installation techniques set forth by South Florida building code as well as those of the product manufacturer. Instead of compromising between conflictions, Hammerhead Roofing uses only those solutions within the industry that satisfy all South Florida building codes and manufacturers specifications, thereby protecting yourself, your warranty, and your investment.

We have all heard the phrase you cannot have your cake and eat it too; however this is not entirely accurate. You can have half a cake and eat half a cake, or you can buy another cake. As with any product or service, every benefit provided comes at a certain cost. At hammerhead roofing, we believe it is our customer’s intention that the benefit of the price paid for roofing products and installation services ends up on top of their house. We don’t waste their money on pricey advertising campaigns and salespeople; and no matter what some try to lead you to believe, it is the customer’s money that pays for the overhead.

We encourage you to find out all you can about any contractor. To get started, check the license status at County website in which your contractor is registered. You cannot do the search at the city level for places like Boca Raton, Wellington and Jupiter. For example, one county in which Hammerhead Roofing is registered is Palm Beach. Go to the Palm Beach County contractor status page, under "Document Searches," "Inquire by Name," type in Hammerhead Roofing of South Florida,Inc.; this page will display our status information. Notice that it is listed as "Active." It is not advisable to entertain proposals from any roofing contractor whose status is listed as "Expired," or "On Hold," as this is an indicator of non-compliance or misconduct.