A common misconception is that the outstanding roofing products and application methods recognized today were not available before the comprehensive roofing code changes that were implemented after Hurricane Andrew. Superior wind-uplift countermeasures had long been available from roofing products manufacturers. While ignored by most contractors due to slightly higher costs in time and material, Hammerhead Roofing has always integrated advanced roofing materials and application techniques into their projects.

Our lead in experience and manufacturer’s training has kept us at an advantage. Many of the standards we pioneered have now become mandatory. We have built a solid reputation by incorporating the finest products and techniques on all shingle, metal, flat and tile roofs.

Even before Hurricane Andrew forced sweeping changes to the building code, Hammerhead Roofing has always taken great care in implementing wind-uplift countermeasures. We have built a solid reputation on roofs that were among the most sound prior to and after Andrew by exceeding most of the current codes. Now that all are held to the same standards by a conscientious throng of building code officials, test labs, and other agencies, we continue to pioneer the field.

Hammerhead Roofing makes every effort to keep our customers informed as to the status of their roof. Unfortunately, some facets of your project may not move as smoothly as one might expect. To help dispel misunderstanding, we ask our customers to be mindful of the following:

Hammerhead Roofing is subject to time-tables set forth by the manufacturers and suppliers from whom we secure your selected roof covering. That is to say, the scheduling of your job will be based upon information provided by them as to the availability of the material.

As with any large undertaking, a new roof has the potential for unexpected surprises. Hammerhead Roofing urges you to become as educated as you can about the intricacies of your existing roof system, which may not be up to current code standards if completed prior to 2001, and those of your selected roof covering as they relate to the Florida Building Code.

Hammerhead Roofing of South Florida, Inc. strives to be all you expect from a roofing company. If you perceive a failure on our part, whether customer service related, or where our work is concerned, we invite you to visit our contact page, and send us a message describing your thoughts. If we meet or exceed your expectations, we encourage compliments too! Remember, the best compliment we can receive is a referral!