State Certified Commercial Roofing Contractor for Palm Beach and Broward County

Hammerhead Roofing built its outstanding reputation by providing excellence in workmanship; providing tile, metal, shingle, and commercial roof installations that add beauty and provide decades of trouble-free service. Our commercial and residential roofs surpass the most stringent standards set by the latest Florida Roofing Code as well as those set by all product manufacturers. While all contractors must satisfy Florida’s minimum requirements to obtain a roofing license, our coveted factory certifications are held by less than 8% of Florida roofing installers. Hammerhead Roofing is a factory certified preferred commercial installer for GAF, Certainteed, Tamko, Owens Corning, and Polyglass. Because we don’t tie ourselves into a single manufacturer, we are able to select those specific roofing products and systems that provide the absolute best in quality, durability, and protection for your home or business.


Certified Masters in Commercial Roofing Installations

As Certified Masters with years of experience, we actively provide consultation to architects during the design and structural engineering of residential home and commercial building roofs. If your present roofing system is leaking or has failed due to an inherent design problem, we can make the necessary structural changes to correct the flaws. Years of work with concrete and clay tile custom home installations has given us the experience necessary to overcome all challenges that surface during custom Spanish tile installations. We are proficient with all clay and concrete tile manufacturers including Monier, Hanson, Entrgra, and Eagle. As a full-service sheet metal shop, we fabricate and install all our own metal roof flashings to conform to your custom specifications. Hammerhead Roofing provides W/C (workman’s comp and liability insurance certificates for every type of residential and commercial roofing project.


Great Looking South Florida Roofs

Esthetically pleasing tile or shingle roof installations are an asset to your home, but it also says a lot about the quality of the underlying workmanship. It takes years in practice to produce straight lines and properly follow roofing angles on shingle, metal, and tile roofs. While the quality of the shingles and tiles produced by manufacturers can vary widely, the original look and color of these materials is actually quite similar. Only after years of abuse from the elements does the quality of the material used in your roof become most apparent. Hammerhead Roofing of South Florida uses only those shingle and tile products that will stand the test of time, protecting your home’s beauty and your investment.

Self-Adhering Commercial Roofing Systems for Palm Beach Areas

Self-adhering roofing membranes offer a number of advantages as a commercial roofing alternative. The manual process of applying adhesives between membranes is eliminated, thereby reducing labor costs. Self adhesive membranes are manufactured with a perfectly uniform layer of adhesive, reducing the total amount of adhesive required while assuring full coverage of the roofing materials, thereby increasing roofing material performance and lifespan. Reducing the manual application of adhesives eliminates application-related spills and subsequent cleanup time for both small and large commercial roofing projects.


Environmentally Friendly Commercial Roofing Systems for Palm Beach Areas

Self-adhering roofing systems are an environmentally friendly alternative to a hot asphalt roof system. Hot asphalt kettles are not required, eliminating fumes, spills, and noisy high pressure pumping equipment, providing a cleaner work space. Self-adhering roofing membranes do not contain volatile organic compounds, providing a healthier project environment. The application of these roofing systems is also a simpler process, providing a predictable workflow, assuring consistent and optimal results, and reducing commercial roofing installation times.

Hot Tar and Asphalt Commercial Roofing Alternative

Hot tar roofing has long been a staple for commercial roofing, though there are drawbacks. Many hot tar alternatives are available, with varying attributes, including cost, reliability, maintenance, and performance. A great hot-tar alternative to consider is a self-adhering roofing system, such as CertainTeed's Flintlastic SA self-adhering system. These systems begin with a nail-able or self-adhering base, with a top surface designed to accept a self-adhering principal roofing membrane. The principal membrane is followed with a self-adhering mid ply layer, and then finished with a self adhering cap sheet.

Warranty for Commercial Self-Adhering Roofing Systems

Self Adhering roofing systems are a form of B.U.R. (Built up Roofing). Like any B.U.R. system, redundancy yields longevity. Increasing the number of membrane plies will augment the durability and corresponding warranties. Many factors must be considered when choosing a commercial roofing system, particularly when pricing a commercial re-roof project. The principal decision usually centers on whether or not to remove the old roof, which affects cost, durability, energy efficiency, and timeframe. These decisions should be made by the building’s owner, who has suitable knowledge of the long term outlook of the commercial building as an investment property.